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The Famous Battle

The Famous Battle


Okay now This is a pretty hot topic online, and someone or the other ends up asking this question every now and then. Both the console and PC have existed since decades and this debate has been ‘on’ since then. But with the rise of the next-gen consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Switch , this debate has further intensified and many console gamers have started doubting the future of PC gaming. But even with all the doubts, PC gaming is here to stay, and is definitely better in a lot of ways, compared to consoles…The PC is Customizable

It really  depends on how you like to game and what your budget is. If budget isn’t a problem and you don’t care about portability, then PC is the obvious winner, since it can be adapted for just about any experience, whether you like gaming at your desk or couch. The biggest selling point of consoles is how much cheaper and easier they are to use. But  if you’re gaming and having fun, who cares?!

Some like the convenience of  consoles: 99% of the time people can play any video game available for a PS4 knowing it will just work with minimal slowdown. If you have a PC, you’ll always be wondering whether it could handle the games you want to play – and if it couldn’t, you’d have to spend time and money upgrading parts etc.

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