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Who’s Winning The Console War?

Who’s Winning The Console War?

admin / July 16, 2017

Who’s In The Lead?

The consoles are near identical in all reality. The PS4 has a slightly more powerful GPU though, but that won’t make a difference since Microsoft has a console that is already miles ahead of the PS4 in terms of what people actually wanted. Microsoft didn’t take any steps backwards…it took many steps forward and people are too blind to see it, mainly because they can’t get past the fact that the features on the Xbox One are exactly what they wanted for the Xbox 360. The ps4 is said to have 50% more raw power than the Xbox One.

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Microsoft made a huge mistake with their take on huge games, always online, and where you must always have Kinect plugged in…and just about everything else. I’ve always been a Xbox fan but Microsoft messed this one up. The day after the console reveal, believe it or not, the Wii U sales rose 800%. Sony made a great console, but it won’t reinvent your entertainment center it will just add to it, which is perfectly fine. If you don’t like the idea of talking to do things, then the user interface is actually better on the PS4, because it is much easier to navigate with a controller than the Xbox One. If you love role playing games then the future looks to be on PS4 with games like Infamous, Uncharted, and even Last of Us somewhere down the line exclusive on PlayStation. If first person shooters are your thing, then Microsoft is the future with Titanfall, Halo, and a new IP that will turn into this generation’s version of Gears of War. Which console has the better hardware? 

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